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  • My friend, who went thru chemo, encouraged me to wrap my ah da and feet in ice packs during treatment. That seemed to help. I have some neuropathy in my left hand, distal fingers but it's improving as time goes on.
  • I think it's normal to feel that way. No one really understands until they've gone through cancer, treatments, scans, waiting for biopsy results, going to the doctors. But for those who try to empathize with what I'm going through, I'm thankful. Eve…
  • I've heard about this. I believe some people are in a class action lawsuit. I had 6 cycles of taxotere June-oct 2016. I lost all my hair. And it's finally starting to grow back. My eyebrows & eyelashes are more sparse than pre chemo. But I…
  • Hey jrupey! It's sucks that you're in this boat and having to deal with so much. I feel you. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 32 yrs old, June 2016. After chemo, immunotherapy, hormone treatments- I'm having hot Flashes, was in chemo p…
  • I'm sorry you have to go through all this Jamey. No one is ever prepared to handle such news, even heathcare professionals. It's ok to not be positive all the time. It's ok to be human and go through so many emotions. I had so many good, bad, …
  • Father in law (a well educated man w/ his masters): can you give me cancer? Is it contagious? (my mother in law hits him in the arm) If you're going to get cancer, this is the type to get. This is the good cancer. (Wtf?) After I told them I had …
  • Motty: stop taking advantage of cancer patients and stop posting your stupid honey shit on these numerous boards. It's what a low life disgusting person would do.
  • I'm not sure how you can bring this up casually. I have not been placed in that situation but I would say that it would have to be based on your comfort level. For some people it might be at the beginning of their relationship, while for others it o…
  • Hi caligal, I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I hope things get better. I have breast ca stage 2 & am currently getting chemo once every three wks. I feel the effects of chemo brain the worst 2 wks right after chemo. I forget what words …
  • There are some really good cook books for pts undergoing chemo and for cancer patients. I found mine online at Amazon and bought used cook books for $3-7 each, when originally purchased new would be $20-30 each. The cookbooks let you choose a food …
  • Your feelings are valid. You need to find a doctor/surgeon who is willing to listen to your wishes and needs. Keep looking and asking around for a surgeon who will honor your wishes for a hysterectomy. Ask around, ask nurses, others docs, hospital p…
  • Look into Livestrong foundation. Just google them. They have an application to fill out that can help you financially for freezing eggs due to cancer. They were able to help me.
  • I would do what my body told me I could do. If I was tired, I would sleep/nap. Then get up, do a chore, a small activity like wash the dishes/ a load of laundry, then go sit down on the couch. As the days progressed, I would make sure to do my stret…
  • Micks's wife- ur amazing! Just do what ur doing & continue to love ur man!!
  • Thank you guys for being so open & honest about this. I definitely had a few questions regarding sex being a 33 yr old in a relationship. And losing your identity, your feeling of being attractive, sexy, due to chemo or awful treatment you're re…
    in Sexxx Comment by AndreaRocks August 2016
  • For the 1st two weeks after chemo I use Moroccan Argan oil on my face by Acure. It's more affordable than most Moroccan Argan oil that I've found, is organic and I can but it form target or Amazon, which delivers!! It's usually about $12-15 for 1 oz…
  • Hi Kelsey. I'm sorry to hear about ur diagnosis. I first off, u r brave, u r strong, u r beautiful! I have breast cancer and am undergoing chemo right now. U will want to maintain a low stress & simple (not jam packed) schedule for yourself. T…
  • Continue to reaffirm to her that you love her. Support her. Be there for her by listening, siting next to her when she's not feeling well, and continue being a great boyfriend. Cancer pts often feel like a burden to their families and loved ones. S…