December Discussion Series:
Body Image

Wednesdays from 5:00 - 6:30 pm ET

Adjusting to a Changing Body

Wednesday, December 1

After cancer treatment, it’s likely that your body looks and feels different…maybe very different. It can be distressing to adjust to the changes, even if they are temporary. Concerns about body image are valid and worthy of attention from your care team. This session will provide an opportunity to discuss how body changes affect your mental health and connect with other young patients/survivors experiencing the same concerns.

Dealing with Others’ Perceptions: From “But You Don’t Look Sick!” to “It’ll Grow Back!”

Wednesday, December 8

Whether it’s a “compliment” from your neighbor, a too personal question from your chatty aunt, or a staring child at the grocery store, it can be exhausting to deal with other people noticing or commenting on how your body has changed from cancer treatment. This discussion is a space to share frustrating experiences and learn strategies for navigating these complex social interactions.

Sex & Intimacy:
Bringing Sexy Back

Wednesday, December 15

As young adults, we all want to look and feel good naked…but there’s nothing like cancer treatment to kill the mood. After treatment, you may have experienced changes to your appearance and sexual function that make it intimidating  to “get back out there.” This discussion will create a safe space to share your concerns and learn from your peers about how to regain comfort and confidence in the bedroom, whether you’re with your new boo, your spouse, or yourself.

Navigating Permanent Changes

Wednesday, December 22

If you’ve experienced a permanent change in your appearance because of treatment, you know the effects on your mental health, personal life, and social interactions can be far-reaching. This open discussion for those with disfigurements, amputations, and other facial and bodily differences will provide an opportunity to share stories and learn about resources.


1) Attendance at each session will be capped at 25 participants, with priority to those who register for multiple sessions. Registration does not guarantee a spot; you may be placed on a wait list. We will follow up via email to confirm your registration or your spot on the waitlist, and links to each session will be sent one week in advance.

2) If you are no longer able to attend a session, email to cancel as soon as possible so we can admit someone on the waitlist. Any “no shows” without notice will forfeit their spot at all future sessions in the series.

3) Due to the sensitive nature of the Discussion Series, you must log into sessions on time, with video, from a quiet, private space. We strongly encourage you to log on using a computer or a tablet, rather than a phone.

3a. Late arrivals will not be admitted more than 10 minutes after the session start time. Please note that all times are listed in Eastern Time.

3b. Attendees must participate with video for the full session. If you are not comfortable turning on your camera, you will be asked to leave the session. 

3c. If you are in a shared space, headphones are required for the full 90 minutes session to maintain confidentiality and show respect for fellow participants.

4) All participants agree to respect and follow the Stupid Cancer Digital Programs Code of Conduct, which can be found here:

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