Discussion Series

For some of the most critical topics, we know there’s always more to say. Some things we just need to talk about.​

Discussion Series are an opportunity to take a deep dive into the most important issues. Join for one session, or participate in the entire month-long series for extended learning and discussion in a group setting.

Each ninety minute online workshop will focus on a different aspect of the overall topic, featuring a presentation and small group discussions. The first 30 minutes of the session will be a recorded presentation to be shared on our website as a mini-webinar available to our full community. The final hour will be a confidential discussion section and will not be recorded.

February Discussion Series:
Mental Health after Treatment

Mondays from 5:00 - 6:30 pm ET

In the AYA community, we know that cancer isn’t “over” when treatment ends. For many, the time after treatment is the most challenging. Our upcoming four-week Discussion Series will be an opportunity to explore the many ways mental health is impacted after cancer with other AYAs that understand. Each 90-minute session, happening Mondays in February, will be facilitated by a mental health professional. Find full session descriptions and registration information at the link.

Post-Treatment Blues

Monday, Feb. 6


You might expect to be overjoyed after you ring the bell, but for many patients the most difficult time in their cancer journey comes after treatment. The transition back to “normal” life can be very disorienting. What does normal even mean after cancer? What side effects will linger? Are you fatigued or depressed? How do you handle pressure from family and friends to “move on already”? This intimate discussion will provide a safe space for you to explore this confusing time with other adolescent and young adult cancer patients and survivors.

Who Am I Now?

Monday, Feb. 13

After a transformative experience like cancer, it may feel like you are a different person. It can be challenging to make sense of this new post-cancer identity. How do you navigate your old relationships from your new perspective? How can you get accustomed to physical changes to your body? This discussion will bring together adolescent and young adult cancer patients and survivors to explore new identities together.

Survivor's Guilt

Monday, Feb. 20


After surviving cancer, many adolescents and young adults face a new and uncomfortable mental health challenge: survivor’s guilt. While processing and coping with the trauma of your own experiences, it can feel overwhelming to confront the grief and bereavement of AYA friends you may have lost. You may experience imposter syndrome for not feeling the “right” way after cancer or be frustrated with friends and family who don’t understand. In this discussion for adolescent and young adult cancer survivors, learn coping strategies and navigate these complex issues with peers that get it.

The Long Haul

Monday, Feb. 27

Even if your cancer is many years behind you, survivorship lasts a lifetime. Your feelings about your cancer experience may change or develop over time. Intense “scanxiety” may crop up each year; every ache, pain, or allergy symptom might set off alarm bells. And for those on ongoing therapies or living with metastatic disease, cancer will never be “over.” This discussion is an opportunity for adolescent and young adult cancer patients and survivors to discuss how they manage their long term mental health and learn coping strategies for the long haul.

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