Discussion Series

For some of the most critical topics, we know there’s always more to say. Some things we just need to talk about.​

Discussion Series are an opportunity to take a deep dive into the most important issues. Join for one session, or participate in the entire month-long series for extended learning and discussion in a group setting.

Each ninety minute online workshop will focus on a different aspect of the overall topic, featuring a presentation and small group discussions. The first 30 minutes of the session will be a recorded presentation to be shared on our website as a mini-webinar available to our full community. The final hour will be a confidential discussion section and will not be recorded.

September Discussion Series:
Connection & Isolation

Tuesdays from 5:30 - 7:00 pm ET

After going through a cancer diagnosis and treatment at such a crucial life stage, many AYA patients and survivors feel profoundly changed — and those changes often ripple outwards to your interpersonal relationships. Some relationships may be strengthened by the challenges of an intense experience like cancer, while others may become strained or even fade away. As social connection and support is so critical to the wellbeing of AYA patients and survivors, it’s important to create space to explore how cancer has impacted your social world. Join this Discussion Series for an opportunity to learn from experts and talk with your peers about how your relationships with friends, lovers, family, colleagues, or acquaintances have been shifted or changed by your cancer experience.

Changing Social Roles & Dynamics

Tuesday, Sept. 6


You might feel like a totally different person during cancer treatment or in survivorship – and as you change, so do your relationships. Navigating these new social dynamics can be rocky, especially if your circumstances have changed a lot or you are entering a brand new role. Whether you’re a 30-something who moved back into your parent’s house, a former active athlete who no longer knows how to relate to teammates, or a constant caretaker of everyone else who now needs to learn to accept help, this discussion is a place to explore the complicated changes to your social world caused by cancer.

Dealing with Acquaintances

Tuesday, Sept. 13

All AYAs have experienced awkward, invasive, or downright rude questions and comments from coworkers, neighbors, or even strangers. While we care more about our interactions with loved ones, the sheer number of interactions with acquaintances in our lives adds up and can cause a lot of stress. How much information are you comfortable sharing with the lady next door? How do you respond to the well-meaning cashier that said exactly the wrong thing? This conversation with peers who have been there will help you prepare for those cringey small talk moments and feel more confident dealing with the randos in your life.

When Relationships End

Tuesday, Sept. 20


While we hope that a crisis brings out the best in our loved ones, we know that not everyone can handle it. And when friends and family don’t show up for you how you want or need them to, it can be incredibly painful. This session is an opportunity to process anger, disappointment, and grief over relationships that have ended or become strained due to cancer – from ghosting internet dates to suddenly distant siblings to disappearing best friends. Talk with other AYAs who have experienced the same loss and frustration, and explore how to identify when a relationship no longer serves you.

Building & Rebuilding Healthy Relationships

Tuesday, Sept. 27

When important relationships are under stress, it can be incredibly destabilizing. But with love, patience, and excellent communication you can work to rebuild and repair those bonds, or forge a different but equally rewarding relationship. This session will help you to identify your relationship priorities and develop strong communication tools in order to sustain a long-lasting, healthy support network of friends and family.

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