Discussion Series

For some of the most critical topics, we know there’s always more to say. Some things we just need to talk about.​

Discussion Series are an opportunity to take a deep dive into the most important issues. Join for one session, or participate in the entire month-long series for extended learning and discussion in a group setting.

Each ninety minute online workshop will focus on a different aspect of the overall topic, featuring a presentation and small group discussions. The first 30 minutes of the session will be a recorded presentation to be shared on our website as a mini-webinar available to our full community. The final hour will be a confidential discussion section and will not be recorded.

May Discussion Series: Mental Health and Wellbeing

A Two Week Series

It’s common for many AYAs to experience mental health challenges both during treatment and once treatment has ended. Stress, worry, and isolation may cause you to feel confused and disconnected from both yourself and others. Led by Giselle Perez-Lougee, PhD, week 1 of this 2 week discussion series explores the unique impacts of social media on mental health and the best ways it can be used to foster connection without harming your wellbeing. Week 2 explores common mental health concerns and idenity confusion after treatment has ended. We hope to see you there to connect with other AYAs and learn strategies to enhance your mental wellness.

Healthy Ways to Interact with Social Media

Tuesday, May 21, 12:00 – 1:30 PM ET

Social media can create a paradoxical experience. It can be a wonderful way to connect with others, but it can also increase feelings of distress and isolation. Join this discussion to learn different ways to optimally use social media to enhance social connection and wellbeing while minimizing its harmful effects.

Lost in Transition

Thursday, May 30, 12:00 – 1:30 PM ET 

Many AYAs report a loss of social and emotional supports once treatment has ended. They are expected to move on with their life while still processing the trauma they just experienced. This can leave AYAs feeling abandoned and disconnected from friends and family. The transition from patient to survivor can feel lonely and confusing. Join this discussion session to connect with AYAs navigating similar challenges as they enter survivorship.

June Discussion Series: Navigating (In)fertility

Wednesdays from 5:30 - 7:00 pm ET

Fertility is an incredibly layered topic for AYAs with cancer. It’s complex and and can be highly emotional, often involving ongoing conversations with multiple healthcare providers. Knowing that you are not alone in your questions, thoughts, and feelings about fertitlity can be comforting. Join our Discussion Series this month to connect with other AYAs regarding shared experiences with fertility, while learning from experts in the field.

Coping with Uncertainty

Wednesday, June 12

Whether or not you know you want to be a parent, having that choice potentially taken away from you because of cancer treatment can trigger a lot of complicated and surprising emotions. Unfortunately, struggling with the uncertainty of potential infertility or a high-risk pregnancy, grieving the loss of fertility, and mourning the life you planned are all common experiences for AYAs. Join this discussion to process and unpack the many complicated feelings that infertility can create.

Fertility Preservation

Wednesday, June 19

Young people dealing with cancer have many additional burdens that older patients don’t face, and fertility issues are at the top of that list. Decisions about parenthood may not have been on your radar before treatment or perhaps there wasn’t enough time to explore fertility preservation options before starting treatment. This discussion is an opportunity to address your questions and concerns about fertility preservation and connect with other AYAs coping with confusions, uncertainty, or grief that can come with compromised or lost fertility.

Fertility Treatments

Wednesday, June 26 

For AYAs that have decided to have a child, there are many roads to parenthood. Unfortunately, it’s not always an easy – or an affordable – path. Whether you are considering your options, facing challenges with IVF, surrogacy, or adoption, or reflecting back from the sleep-deprived haze of new parenthood, this discussion is a space to share the frustrations and joys of the journey to parenthood and learn from others who have been there.

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