WEBINAR: Advocacy Matters

Adolescent and young adult cancer patients face unique challenges when approaching new transitions in life - from starting high school to getting married - and as they move through the healthcare system have additional concerns to consider. Join Dr. Karen Winkfield, Dr. Tiffany Avery, and Dr. Zanetta Lamar of the 3 Black Docs podcast for […]

Discussion Series: Mental Health After Treatment

Stupid Cancer's newest program is Discussion Series: a month-long deep dive into crucial AYA topics with weekly sessions. Each ninety-minute online workshop will focus on a different aspect of the overall topic, featuring a presentation and small group discussions. Attendees are encouraged to participate in all four sessions but are not required to do so. […]


Digital Meetup: A Space for POC

Following "Stupid Cancer Webinar: Advocacy Matters", we’re hosting a Digital Meetup just for POC within the AYA cancer community! All survivors, thrivers, and cancer patients who identify as POC are welcome to register and log on -- join community member Kris to meet some new friends and share your stories... maybe even find yourself a […]

*All event times are in Eastern Time.