Coping Literature

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"NO WAY, IT CAN'T BE" (The Ulman Cancer Fund For Young Adults) is a resource guidebook for young adults dealing with cancer from the initial diagnosis through long-term survivorship. Over the past 5 years, the book—coauthored by 3-time survivor Doug Ulman and his mother Diana—has been continuously expanded, providing its readers with a plethora of information pertaining to how young adults, their family and friends, affected by cancer can face the challenges that lie ahead.

"MY WAY" (The Ulman Cancer Fund For Young Adults) is a collection pf essays with the hope that it will help others better understand and cope with their cancer diagnosis or with the diagnosis of a loved one. These original writings come in the form of letters, essays, journal entries, songs, e-mails, poerty, lessons, and lists. These writings will also help improve understanding between health care providers, the public and young adult cancer survivors, while raising awareness of the unique needs of young adults facing cancer and of the challenges therein.

PLANNING FOR LIFE AFTER CANCER: A Guide To Survivorship For Teens and Young Adults (The Lance Armstrong Foundation) discusses how, when treatments finish, many survivors want to focus on returning back to normal. As a survivor, taking charge of your health and preparing for life after cancer treatment can help make the transition easier. This pamphlet encourages teen and young adult cancer survivors to take a more active role in their future by reaching out to others and being comfortable asking any questions they may have, empowering them to think about how to prepare for life after treatment.

CANCER CARE FOR YOUNG ADULTS is an online resource portal that helps adolescents and young adults learn how they can deal with the complex array of emotions that often come with a diagnosis of cancer though CancerCare's free counseling services and support groups. Their message is clear, "Life will never be the same after cancer, but it doesn't mean you stop living." CancerCare provides almost two-dozen quality, understandable cancer publications absolutely free for people with cancer, their loved ones, and healthcare professionals. This literature provides helpful tips on survivorship.

What Every Young Woman Needs to Know About Breast Cancer (Young Survival Coalition) offers important information on young women and breast cancer including statistics and what a young woman should do if she feels a lump. This brochure is a resource for all young women and the members of the medical community who serve them. This organization produces a variety of free educational support materials and program literature that provide information on breast cancer in young women and the issues relevant to this population.