Stupid Cancer Meetups

Want to meet some friends who just ''get it''?

Want to meet people who just ''get it''? Stupid Cancer Meetups are social gatherings for the adolescent and young adult community. Connect online or in-person with other patients, survivors, caregivers, and professionals to build lasting friendships with people that share your experiences.

These aren't support groups... Stupid Cancer Meetups are a space to have fun and connect with your peers, without stigma or awkward questions. We don't shy away from heavy conversations, but there will definitely be laughs. Whether online or IRL, you will find your people here. Don’t be shy - come meet your new friends!

Can't leave the house? Try our Digital Meetups!

We have multiple Digital Meetups each week so you can hang out with your cancer fam from the comfort your home or hospital bed. Check out our busy schedule.

Please review the Programs Code of Conduct before attending and make sure to download Zoom before logging on.

Digital Meetups

Become a Meetup Leader!

Are you the go-to friend for making plans? Do you love connecting with other AYA's who "get it"? Host a Meetup! We are always recruiting new volunteers to lead Stupid Cancer Meetups online or in their local communities.

Contact to learn more.