2x Cancer Survivor

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I was diagnosed with AL Pre-B Leukemia at age three and a half. My parents had two other kids at the time. They were always running back and forth to and from the hospital…sleepless nights…almost a foreclosure on their house…but that didn’t stop them. After a long and tough battle I was in remission at age five.

I was behind in school drastically, but I found a love for sports. It helped with my health and confidence significantly. My parents grew up well rounded nationally ranked athletes in multiple sports and they wanted that for all five of their children. A healthy lifestyle was instilled in our household and for over thirty years my family has owned a personal fitness business. 

I knew I wanted to practice what I preached, so I attended Ithaca College as an Exercise Science major and was a part of the Women’s Track and Field Team. I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer during my junior year of college, but that didn’t stop me. I competed at the State Championship Track Meet and finished all of my finals. After treatment I went back to school, finished my senior year, and competed.

After graduating in 2015 I became an assistant track and field coach, a sport performance coach, fitness professional, and nutrition coach. My story came full circle and now I am able to give back and help others live a healthier lifestyle. I love what I do and how I can inspire others to achieve greatness no matter what the adversity. I am now a healthy 27 year old and so happy to be able to share my story with others.

By Gena Bradshaw