Every year, hundreds of adolescents and young
adults affected by cancer gather at CancerCon
for a life-changing weekend.

Every year, hundreds of adolescents and young adults affected by cancer gather at CancerCon for a life-changing weekend.



June 9-12, 2022

Minneapolis, MN

November 19, 2022


Call for Speakers is now open!

We’re seeking proposals for breakout sessions for CancerCon Live & Digital CancerCon. For more information about what we look for in a session and how to submit a proposal, visit our FAQs & Submission Guidelines.

CancerCon is my home away from home. It is one place that I feel like me and don't have to pretend to be  something that I am not or worry about being judged by others. My CancerCon community is my second family.

- Jessica
I came by myself and was immediately embraced by this community. It's a safe space that's completely free of  judgement, made up of other people who get it. I've felt more myself in the past few days than I have since my  diagnosis- I didn't even realize how much I needed it! I'm so lucky that I've found my people.

As soon as I arrived, I felt at home with no worries or shame. Without this I wouldn’t have been able to find a  strong community and build awesome friendships

"As a first-time attendee, it has definitely lived up to the hype. This has been a very meaningful, positive and uplifting experience."

"Digital CancerCon literally changed my life. I'll be forever grateful. Love to all of you!"



The event will open at 2:00 pm ET on June 11. Go to stpdcn.cr/DCC21-login and login using the email address and password you created at registered. You can leave the site and return any time to log back in. We strongly encourage you to join DCC from a laptop or computer rather than a tablet or phone. If you do choose to use a tablet, please make sure you’ve installed Zoom before joining the event.

• All presentation sessions (noted in the agenda with a red camera for “video off”) will be recorded and available to view on-demand on the Digital CancerCon site from June 15 through July 31.

You can find and download the slides from presentations in the “session handouts” area of the Breakout Classroom.

• Discussion sessions (noted in the agenda with a green camera for “video on”) will not be recorded, for the privacy of participants.

YES! There are lots of opportunities to interact with other attendees. We’ll have social events, workshops, and discussion sessions where you will be introduced to other AYAs and able to chat with them on screen. Use the chat feature in webinars and head to the Chat Lounge to debrief between sessions. You can search for friends and acquaintances to send a DM, or even one-on-one video chat with other attendees within the platform. Get ready to drop that IG handle!

That’s not really a question, but we’ll bite! Stupid Cancer is based in NYC and the agenda is scheduled in Eastern Time. We know that’s not convenient for everyone, but we’ve tried to adjust the schedule to make it possible for multiple time zones to participate throughout the day. If you miss a session, check out the recording!

We’ve planned a very packed weekend to have something for everyone. We’d love for you to attend as much as you’d like, but we understand that everyone will have different schedules. Feel free to take breaks and skip sessions — and remember that presentation sessions will be available on demand starting June 15.

Click on the Tech Support desk in the lobby or navigation bar to chat with a live person who is there to help on Saturday and Sunday from 9:30 am – 5:30 pm ET.

Have you checked to make sure you’ve downloaded Zoom on your device? That’s the most common issue, especially if you’re on a tablet.

If you joined us at a prior event on the virtual platform, you may need to reset your password with the system. Just click “Forgot your password?” on the registration page and follow the instructions sent to your email.

Thank you to our generous Digital CancerCon 2021 sponsors: