Health Disparities Town Hall

The Stupid Cancer Health Disparities Town Hall is part of an effort to better understand the impact of race, sexual orientation, gender identity, and/or disabilities on supportive care available to and sought out by the AYA community. This multi-year program is one step in a broader initiative from Stupid Cancer to promote health equity for all adolescents and young adults affected by cancer, to reduce barriers to care, and to improve diversity of representation in the patient advocate community.

Through focus groups and town hall-style discussions, members of the Stupid Cancer community who identify as POC, LGBTQ, and/or disabled will be invited to share their experiences and concerns about health disparities within the broader healthcare system, the adolescent young adult cancer space, and Stupid Cancer specifically.

Co-facilitated by the Stupid Cancer staff and a health care professional, each Town Hall will provide a structured setting for participants to pose live questions, submit written testimonials, or speak to their personal experiences.

If you are an AYA patient, survivor, or caregiver that identifies as POC, LGBTQ, and/or disabled that would be interested in participating in a session, please sign up below and we’ll follow up later this year.

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