1st Day Shedding

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I had only just started my first rounds of chemo. Things were still very new, not only to me, but to my family as well. For the sake of keeping my spirits up, our family tried our best to continue about our regular lives. Who were we kidding? Our lives would never be the same. My sister and I had different dads, but I was always invited and welcomed over to her side of the family’s house anytime. So just as sisters do we planned our first sleepover when I was finally able to do outpatient rounds of chemo. Fast forwarding to the middle of our fun sister sleepover when my head begins to itch.

I didn’t think much of an itch, being a regular human function. So I attempted to scratch my head, but something was different this time. When I pulled back my hand, a more than normal amount of hair came out. Me being 10 years old, I actually thought this was cool, how easily my hair follicles lifted from my scalp lol. Thinking this was so cool and unusual of course I showed my sister in amazement!

We were both entertained at the moment and decided to call my mom and show her. But my mom’s reaction was not the same as ours. She began to cry, because of course to her this makes it all real. But I simply replied laughing, “Mom it’s just hair! I’m not in any pain. I actually think it makes me look cool.”

She began to laugh with us. We told our mom we loved her and continued our comedy movie as usual. So a reminder to everyone who’s just starting to lose their hair. It’s just hair, and I’m pretty sure you look badass! Rock the short cut or baldy with pride!

By Tatiana Rodriguez


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