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Cancer Con 2022. Wow! What can I say?! A WHOLE LOT. 

This was such an amazing opportunity and truly an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. I was surrounded by people JUST like me, who have experienced almost all of the same things as me: trauma, PTSD, sadness, fear, chemotherapy, and scanxiety, just to name a few. Back home in California, there were only a few people I could relate to, but nobody that really understood what life was like as a cancer patient and now “survivor.” I was so excited and happy because I opened up and I was able to express myself freely with no judgment.

CancerCon was my SAFE PLACE. Everyone felt like family! I learned so much from the sessions and found out that I’m not the only one that has good and bad days. I’ve always wanted to be in a place surrounded by others just like me that have been through something so scary. The sessions were so informative and helpful, and I was able to speak out and ask for help with anything I had questions about. It was truly amazing to see that some of the speakers were also survivors of cancer as well. I love that we got to pick and choose what sessions to attend. It kept us busy all day. I also liked that we had free time at the end of the evening so we could explore the city. I had never been to the state of Minnesota, so I was super excited! 

I plan to attend CancerCon every year. This weekend just gave me a whole new perspective on life and has actually made me want to open new doors and try to be a speaker/mentor for other patients and survivors as well. I believe I can spread positivity, love, and light through my story. Thank you again, Stupid Cancer, for this life experience. I will always cherish this!

By : Corrina Santacruz