I Will NOT Die

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Life is a journey, that can change in the blink of an eye, you haven’t been feeling good, and you aren’t quite sure why.

You go to the doctors, but they tell you that you are fine, they send you home with some vitamins, and say it will just take some time.

The days tend to get longer, exhaustion starts to set in, you finally make a call to the specialist, and request them to dig in, they schedule you for a colonoscopy, and you go with a smile on your face, nothing will come of this, I’m just too young, this is a waste.

A few days later the doctor calls, apologizing, but unfortunately, your polyp was cancerous, you start to cry and wonder why, why me, how did this happen, I’m far too young, this can’t be true.

It is true, you have colon cancer, at 31, young and healthy, it happened to you, they missed the signs, it’s not only in the colon but in the liver too, you have to be strong now, a battle is about to begin, a warrior is within you, you can’t let this win, you have to fight, and keep on fighting, because when this is over, you need to be there to tell your story to the world and try to help save others, from this terrible disease that likes to hide in the shadows and lurk, I wasn’t feeling good, and didn’t know why, but now I know, and I WILL NOT DIE!!!!

By Brittney Waldrop