Being an AYA with cancer means navigating treatment and survivorship while balancing questions about fertility, finances, and so much more. Click on the links below to learn more about these concerns and find resources to help you Get Busy Living

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Mental Health

Many AYAs find that the hardest part of their cancer journey is managing their mental health. You deserve support during and after treatment.

Family & Fertility

Whether you want a lot of kids, none at all, or haven’t decided yet, building a family can be way more complicated with cancer. But you do have options - and we're here to help.

Health & Wellness

Your medical team will manage your treatment plan, but it’s important for you as the patient to take ownership of your physical health and wellness. Let us show you how!

Sex & Intimacy

The physical and emotional changes that come with cancer are likely impact your romantic relationships and sex life. It might feel taboo to talk about...but we're going to!


Caregivers to AYA patients are very much a part of our community...and you deserve specialized support.

Survivorship & Advocacy

Survivorship is a lifelong project. From rediscovering your identity, to managing long-term effects, to advocating for yourself and others...there’s a lot to cover.


As a young adult, your life doesn't stop when you get cancer. You’ve still school or with the added complications of dealing with insurance and paying for treatment. It's complicated, but there are resources to help you navigate the files and forms.

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